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Our Travel Designers specialize in various destinations around the world. We recommend only the very best in luxury accommodations, cruises and extraordinary experiences, all with you in mind.

Swim with sea lions in the Galapagos. Cook with a Michelin-starred chef in Italy. Go backstage on Broadway or sit on the 50-yard line at the next Super Bowl. Our experts can arrange luxury experiences tailored just for you.

Our Travel Designers are experts specializing in various destinations and lifestyle travel. We offer a collaborative approach to designing unforgettable luxury travel experiences from start to finish. Our partnerships allow us to offer our luxury clients special added-value amenities that may include complimentary room upgrades, airport transfers, special dining experiences, custom itineraries and exclusive activities. We are committed to making your travel planning as effortless as possible without imposing additional costs or service fees.

Please feel free to browse many of our recommended destinations and resorts by clicking HERE. If you find something that peaks your interest or if you already have your dream vacation in mind, our travel designers are here to help!


Whether you are looking to charter a private yacht, sail the ocean blue, or pamper yourself on a luxury river cruise, our Cruise Experts offer the finest in luxury cruise experiences.

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